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The Hajaawirah, the Extremist Haddaadis and the Terrorist Kharijites of ISIS
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in Articles
Topics: ISIS Takfiris Kharijites

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In the article below:

An Exposition of the Attempts of the Quṭbiyyah, Takfiriyah, Ḥaddādiyyah [and Ḥajāwirah] to Ascribe Irjāʾ to Shaykh Rabiʿ. A refutation and clarification of the attempts of some of the Hajurites to follow the ways of the Haddaadi Takfiris in ascribing Irjaa to Ahl al-Sunnah. PDF File.

Reference was made in places about some of the Hajurites (in Netherlands) who have begun to show sympathies towards ISIS and that they are having connections with the new Haddaadi takfiri faction that has emerged, such as Abd al-Hameed al-Juhani, Abdullah al-Ghamidi, Abdullah al-Jarboo' and others.

In response, the lying, conniving Haddadis have started claiming this is a lie and they have started writing and posting this already. In this article we are going to address their deliberate attempts at distorting the facts.

Before we look at the evidences to show the connections and sympathies between these Haddadi Hajurites and the Haddadi Takfiris, an important observations should be made: We can see the Hajurites slowly slacking off in previous connections to known Salafi Scholars and creeping towards those whose hearts are similar to them in the ways of the Haddaadiyyah. A clear example is how they are soliciting views from Haddaadi Takfiris such as Abdullah al-Jarboo' in al-Madinah (regarding the ISIS Terrorists) instead of going to well-known Salafi Scholars such as Shaykh Rabee' and Shaykh Abd al-Muhsin - and that's with our knowledge that they make tabdee' and tahzeeb of Shaykh Ubayd and Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee and others, and would not go to them in any case. This leads them to get less harsh and more favourable stances towards the Kharijites of ISIS.

Let us now start addressing the facts and through that highlight the bare realities of the Haddaadi liars like Musa Millington and those from Holland (Netherlands).

01. First, notice how the Hajurites tell lies in order to accuse their opponents of telling lies. This lying Haddaadi who "desires to make tabdi of Uthman (radiyallaahu anhu) (see here)" and persists in a view (after the hujjah is established) for which the Major Salafi Scholars have made explicit tabdee' (see here) has stated "Haajori and his followers sympathetic to ISIS? Why lie?" The Haddadi Hajurites of Netherland retweeted this statement. As we established in previous articles, Haddadis like Musa Millington are braindead (due to the effects of bid'ah) and nowadays they are left with nothing except to troll online. In the PDF article it was stated that a) The Extremist Haddadi Takfiris like al-Ghamidi, al-Zakuri, al-Munasarah and their likes have sympathies and connections to the Kharijites of ISIS and b) That some of the Hajurites of Netherlands have connections with these extremist Haddadi Takfiris and that they also have sympathetic opinions or positions towards them. However braindead Musa Millington has stated "Haajori and his followers sympathetic to ISIS? Why lie?" - and this is the way of these evil Haddadis. We did not mention that al-Hajuri himself is supportive and sympathetic, but some of the Hajurites and more specifically the Dutch brand. But this is the way of the Haddaadis, and this is actually a characteristic of all of their defences of al-Hajuri. They change the goalposts, tell lies, distort the facts, and anyone who is not clued up will be taken in by their lies and think that they are the victims and are being oppressed, when in reality they are the greatest of conniving liars.

02. Regarding the Facebook post and the ensuing discussion: The following is a summary of what took place in that discussion. "Selefie Nederland" are the Haddadi followers of al-Hajuri and in the summary below, they will be referred to as HN (Haddadi Nederland):

  • At the top you see a facebook post made by some takfiri who writes 'Big gain for the mujahideen and the Western propaganda is working full time' . Below it is a link to an article of a Dutch news site (NOS) stating the ISIS extremists are taunting Iraq and that Mosul has been conquered.
  • "Selefie Nederland" (Haddadi Nederland, HN) are the first to comment on the takfiri's post saying 'Alhamdulillah'
  • The takfiri says: Unique, the support of (Haddadi Nederland, HN) for the mujahideen of ISIS. Allaahumma baarik lakum.
  • Then another takfiri says: (Haddadi Nederland, HN) aren't as bad as you might think. They are much much better than the Annasieha extremists [referring here to the Salafis in Netherlands].
  • So the original poster asks if (Haddadi Nederland, HN) are not part of Annasieha.
  • (Haddadi Nederland, HN) then says: we do not agree with ISIS but it is a matter of walaa wal baraa and a matter between imaan and kufr. If ISIS had control over the area then they become the rulers through force (domination). We would rather have Muslims in power than kuffar. Rather shari'ah than taaghoot.
  • Then a takfiri asks if they are part of Annasieha.
  • Of course the haddaadis have to make abundantly clear to their takfiri audience that they are not: Annasieha are hizbiyyien, beggars who follow a small number of scholars whom they have raised above their level. (They call Annasieha beggars because they ask for donations on their site and HN wrote an article about asking money for da'wah which is hizbiyyah on the Haddaadi scale of measure).
  • The Takfiris are so happy one says he can't believe his eyes.
  • Then (Haddadi Nederland, HN) continues: They defend everything of their mashayikh such as irjaa'. (Keep in mind here that these Haddadi Hajurites are talking to Takfiris, the irjaa- accusation will please this takfiri crowd).
  • Then another haddadi joins the conversation (he is not one of those who writes on their haddaadi website): The matter is very easy my dear brothers. every muslim who has imaan and walaa wal baraa should be happy Mosul has been taken over by Muslims. Why? Beause ISIS are Muslims and not kuffar like the president Maaliki. Maaliki is a raafidhi and his army are kuffar. We rather have the Muslims in power than the kuffar.
  • One takfiri asks: And if ISIS takes control of Jazeerat al arab?
  • (Haddadi Nederland, HN): I hope they don't but if they do then they become the new rulers to whom bay'ah is given. It had happened before that the khawaarij became leaders over certain areas.....Khawaarij are 100 times better than secularists and democrats and other....
  • After that some more takfiri talk between the Takfiris.

From the above one can see what is clearly taken by the Takfiris as support, let alone sympathy for the Kharijite Terrorists of ISIS. This is while they accuse Salafis of Irjaa' whilst speaking to these very Takfiris, and while they make clear their connection, with extreme Haddadis such as Abdullah al-Jarboo' (see below).

03. The next specimen is a Facebook post by Haddadi Nederlands which is an answer from the extremist Haddadi, Abdullah al-Jarboo'. First let us say some things about Abdullah al-Jarboo'. He is from al-Madeenah and he is amongst the Haddaadis except that previously he did not fully reveal his condition. In some lines of poetry he reviles and attacks the Salafi scholars, accusing them of being like the students of Ibn Jarjees (a grave-worshipper refuted by the Mashaayikh of the Da'wah of Tawheed), and that they do not make tawhid a condition for Islam and that they say the people of Shirk are Muslims, and they (the Salafi scholars targeted by them) have excelled over those who have passed (of the grave-worshippers and their scholars) in misguidance. These statements made by Abdullah al-Jarboo' are the same as what has come from another extremist, oppressive vile Ḥaddādī us one named Abu ʿAbdullāh Yūsuf al-Zākūrī, and this one is a student and follower of al-Jarboo'. This individual has likewise accused the Salafī Scholars of "arguing in favour of the ignorant amongst the mushriks and showing friendliness with their scholars" and that their daʿwah is "only to obliterate the signposts of Tawḥīd and to revive the religion of ʿAmr bin Luhay [pre-Islāmic mushrik] in the garment of Salafiyyah" and that "they portray themselves to the common-folk that they are the guardians of Tawḥīd and its callers whereas in reality they are its enemies to it and haters of it." And the basis upon which he makes these clear statements of takfīr is that those scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah do not make takfīr of the one who abandons the outward obligations and that they grant the excuse of ignorance to a Muslim who has fallen into matters of kufr or Shirk as part of establishing the proof. He says about them, "their call is only one, to argue on behalf of the mushriks in general and to venerate them whilst deceiving the people through ascription to Salafiyyah and the call to Tawḥīd" and he says immediately thereafter, "so does anyone doubt today that they are more dangerous than the mushriks themselves, because they conceal themselves with Tawḥīd, yet aid its opposite and they claim to make war against Shirk yet defend its people and love them." With all of these grave and mighty oppressions, he accuses the Scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah of being the "Contemporary institute of Irjāʾ".

So this is Abdullah al-Jarboo' and this is al-Zakuri and this is the reality of these Haddadite Extremists. They are embroiled in using these issues of the excuse of ignorance, jins al-'amal, the one who abandons the obligations and what is like that in order to stir tribulations, and they have sympathetic positions towards the Kharijites or such speech about them that indicate a type of sympathy which you will not find with the Salafi Scholars. Rather, you will find the Salafi Scholars taking a Prophetic stance against towards these evil and barbaric people.

Now let us return to our specimen: First, we have established a clear link between the Hajurites (of the Netherlands) and extremits Haddaadis, wallowing in their Haddaadiyyah, almost drowning therein. You have to ask the question, how have these Haddadi Hajurites gone to Abdullah al-Jarboo' and not sufficed with the statements of the Muftee, Shaykh al-Fawzan, Shaykh Abd al-Muhsin and others? Second, al-Jarboo' is asked about the Kharijite Terrorists of ISIS and their announcement of the Khilaafah. In al-Jarboo's answer, though he affirms they are Kharijites in doctrine and activity, he says that if matters stabilize (under their control), pledging allegiance is obligatory upon those under their control. Then the questioner asked about some brothers who say that they will remain silent about them, neither praising them nor criticising them. To which al-Jarboo' replies:

Whoever wants to remain away from tribulations to his ability then he can do that, and let him teach goodness to the people. And when he is asked about them, he says, this is a tribulation far away from you, so ask for safety.

Then he said:

When we are between the students of knowledge, we explain that they are Kharijites and not from Ahl al-Sunnah and they do not have a state until the affair becomes stable and when their state is established, it is just like the state of the people of innovation, such as the Mu'tazilah.

04. Look at how this vile Haddaadi speaks in what has preceded from him about the Salafi Scholars who hold the view of the excuse of ignorance in matters of kufr and Shirk (that they are students of Ibn Jarjees, defenders of people of Shirk and so on) and look at his calm speech about those Kharijite Terrorist Dogs of Hellfire(!) and his advice in his answer that they do not speak openly to the people but tell them to keep away from tribulations. Further, that it is between the students of knowledge that they explain they (ISIS) are Kharijites. Look at how he entertains or perhaps even anticipates the stabilization of affairs for them, whereby the pledge of allegiance to them would become obligatory. And no doubt those who are being slaughtered by those Terrorists hold the very same extremist views of al-Jarboo' and other Haddaadis in matters of takfir. And compare all of this to the clear unambiguous speech of the Scholars who openly say that many in Saudi are deceived by these people, that one should keep away from them, and that they are a plot against the people of Islam and that their alleged khalifah is a dajjaal, imposter and so on, and that pledging allegiance to them is unlawful because it is a bay'ah in the presence of existing bay'ahs and comes under the hadeeth which orders the killing of the one who comes along and demands a second bay'ah. And this is after our knowledge of the statements of the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) about the Kharijites that should he reach them, he would slaughter them like the slaughtering of Aad, and that they are the Dogs of Hellfire, and how excellent is the one who is killed by them, and how evil are the dead amongst the Kharijites, that they kill the people of Islam and so on. And then the Scholars of Islam stated about the Kharijites that they are enemies to the Muslims (because they treat them to be disbelievers), and that (under the direction and lead of the ruler) they should be fought and killed. But one can see from al-Jarboo' a type of sympathy and accommodation, and this sympathy is more evident and clear from others amongst this extremist Haddadi group, some of whom make takfir of Saudi such as Badr al-Munasarah.

05. One can see the direction taken by these Haddaadi Hajurites (from Netherlands in particular) in that they have decided to jump into the Haddadi river and are happy to flow in the direction of the stream. We anticipate that it will not be long before they start diving into the writings of these extremist Haddadis and their shubuhaat which have been used to make those unjust accusations which have preceded and use their doubts to attack Salafis, accusing them or Irjaa' as a proxy to attack Salafi Scholars directly, like Shaykh Rabi', and through implication, others, like al-Albani, Ibn Baz, Ibn al-Uthaymin on these issues such as the excuse of ignorance and the abandoment of the outward obligations and so on.

06. Finally one should not forget the insightful words of Shaykh Rabee about the Haddadi Takfiris: "And today, the Ḥaddādiyyah, they are from the offshoots (secretions) of the Ikhwān and the Quṭbiyyah, they carry the flag of war against Ahl al-Sunnah and they render them Murjiʾah and Ḥizbiyyīn... The conniving, misguided Ḥaddādī faction has been devised in order to kindle tribulation between Ahl al-Sunnah and for them to strike one another! And they are (in reality) concealed Takfiris, and they have other calamities possibly besides takfīr. They use the vilest form of deception (taqiyyah) as a veil for their vile methodology and their corrupt goals!"

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