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Observations on Unbefitting Praise and Promotion of the Innovator, Yahya Al-Hajuri Al-Haddadi
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in Articles

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This article (previously titled) "The Ghuluww in Yahya Al-Hajuri by Affiliates of Brixton Masjid" has been updated (10am 25/02/2014) because a clarification has been brought to our attention written by the brother who made the original statements that were criticised in this article. These statements were already being spread and made public by his own associates through messaging services before they even reached us, so we did not initiate the spread of his speech. From what this brother said in his clarification:

Whilst I accept that there could be some ambiguity with the choice of words, and no doubt in my speech was exaggeration, but it wasn't a result of being a fanatic to Shaykh Yahya.

And also:

I will admit that after listening to the audio, I can fully understand and accept wholeheartedly if someone accused me of referring to the ka'bah as an idol, that was a slip of the tongue and I am publically acknowledging my mistake and am taking that back.

A few points in light of this:

  1. As a result of this, the content containing criticism of these matters has been removed from this article since he has made the admission and taken it back.

  2. The above statements prove that all the previous protests and emotional drama from this same brother about "twisting his words" and how the "du'a of the oppressed is not rejected" and the sum of his outbursts on Twitter are contradicted and made irrelevant by his admission above. Rather, he should be more worried about having aided in the destruction of Islaam by praising an innovator, a reviler of the Companions, a man with foul language against the scholars, a man known to lie upon the great scholars in order to free himself from blame, throwing upon them the filth he originated from himself in order to protect his own standing. Such undue praise and promotion is a type of treachery. Ibrahim bin Maysarah said, "Whoever venerates an innovator has aided in the destruction of Islam." Reported by al-Laalikaa'ee.

  3. We did not make his speech "public." It was already in the public domain when it reached us. His friends and associates were distributing the audio (by his own recent admission).

  4. We did not mention the brother's name in our article (in fact, we did not even know the name of this brother in the first place, not until he revealed it to us himself), since our issue was not to expose a person by name, but just to show a type of orientation that exists out there in the field of da'wah and from which general direction this orientation is coming from. Till now, we have still not made mention of the brother's name. The brother came out and revealed himself thereby undermining our attempts to avoid mentioning his name.

  5. Also, in his clarification, the brother made statements that raise many other questions involving inconsistency and contradiction between his speech and behaviour. However, to avoid starting a tit for tat we'll ignore all of that and keep it very simple and straightforward and touch only upon the broader issue and simply say this: If the brother in question is truthful and honest (about not being a fanatic for al-Hajuri) and wants to rectify something more serious, then he should arrange a sitting with Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee or Shaykh Rabee' or any of the other students of Shaykh Muqbil from the Mashaayikh in Yemen when they are in Saudi for the purpose of receiving advice for himself and for Abdul-Haqq Baker and Masjid Ibn Taymiyyah (Brixton) regarding the Innovator, Yahya al-Hajuri al-Haddadi and the correct stance towards him. Thereafter, they should explain their position openly and clearly. If they are against ghuluww and extremism in tabdee' then of all people, they should be the most vocal against Yahya al-Hajuri because he would exemplify - to the utmost degree - what the Mumayyi'ah such as al-Ma'ribee, al-Halabee and al-Hilaalee claimed to be warning against in what has passed, when they were trying to refute and revile Shaykh Rabee. In reality they were warning against the correct implementation of the Salafi manhaj towards actual deviants and innovators. So if he and those he affiliates with are truthful in following the Salafi manhaj and being against ghuluww and haddaadiyyah and tabdee' upon falsehood, then let them clarify this matter openly and frankly.

Also a clarification, previously in this article an unintended typo remained in a sentence during editing which left the sentence with a futile meaning. The sentence in question should have correctly read: "Tawaf around the ka'bah is an act of worship commanded by Allaah, the Exalted and tawaf does not render it an idol."

After the above has been clarified, the key issue remains which is:

Why a people who are not ignorant of what has been transpiring over the past few years from al-Hajuri, his vile Haddaadiyyah and extremism in tabdee' which has no equal, revilement of scholars with evil language - why they should promote al-Hajuri in this way, flock around him as if with awe, and convey the salaams of others to an Innovator whose tabdee' has been established (upon evidences) for a couple of years? Especially considering that the same people accuse others of being harsh and extreme. So when we have the peak and epitome of Haddaadiyah manifested in Yahya al-Hajuri, combining between tabdee' on the flimsiest of grounds, attacking and undermining all the other major students of Shaykh Muqbil, instilling hatred towards them and the rest of the Shaykhs in Saudi and belittling the Permanent Commmittee, and that's after his evil statements in relation to the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) and accusing the Companions (radiyallaahu anhum) of innovation and participating in the murder of Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu) and what is much much more than that, then how can a people even align themselves in this way, go out of their way and show this type of fascination with al-Hajuri?

This is very questionable behaviour and a suspicious alignment given the circumstances and it needs inspection in light of what Shaykh Rabee recently stated that the Haddaadiyyah and Mumayyi'ah are joining forces. For this reason, the original four points of observation (listed below) still hold and will remain in this article as they are unaffected and unresolved despite the clarification by the brother.


  1. It is not clear why those on the same side of the fence as the Mumayyi'ah (Abu al-Hasan al-Ma'ribee, Ali Hasan al-Halabi and Saleem al-Hilaalee) would praise, extol and exaggerate in a man whose harshness, extremism and foul-tongue is a matter of open public record. That's aside from his innovations which include speaking of the Companions in unbefitting ways, clashing with the foundations (usool) of Ahl al-Sunnah in belief and methodology and falling into extremism in tabdee'. This is while they accuse Ahl al-Sunnah of being harsh, severe.

  2. That for which the book of Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad, "Rifqan Ahl al-Sunnah" is used, incorrectly, against the Scholars such as Shaykh Rabee', Shaykh Ubayd, Shaykh Ahmad al-Najmee and others, can be used, truthfully and appropriately, for Yahya al-Hajuri al-Haddadi. The Hajaawirah, following Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee, have plenty of refutations against al-Ma'ribee and and al-Halabee as is clear from their forums, and they would consider themselves correct in those refutations. But Yahya al-Hajuri makes tabdee' upon falsehood as he has done against the Shaykhs of Yemen and likewise against some of the Shaykhs of Madinah. He even declared Shaykh Ubayd as being on the verge of apostasy. This is ghuluww! This contradiction and hypocritical behaviour reveals a lot about the realities of the Haddaadiyyah and the Mumayyi'ah. They are happy to come together for common goals.

  3. As for the people of Dammaaj and the thousands of families (men, women, children) who have been oppressed, displaced, harmed (and many killed), then we do not know of any person of the Sunnah in the East or the West whose heart is not grieved and pained at their suffering, may Allaah grant them all a way out and make easy their affairs and reward them for their intentions for seeking knowledge and striving in the path of Allaah and bearing harm and suffering, may Allaah expiate their sins and grant them a great reward through this trial. Ameen.

  4. However, what has been stated in the point above does not free and exonerate Yahya al-Hajuri the Innovator who is attempting to win favour with the Scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah by his recent visit to Saudi. He attempted to visit those for whom he has used the most vile and foul of language such as Shaykh Rabee (see this article for evidence), words such as "affaak (fabricator)", "kadhdhaab (liar)", "speaks out of following desires and shaytaan", "strives to set up a hizbee centre in Fayoosh", "person of destructive calamities", "calumniator", "the desires fester and flow in him", "may Allaah cut your tongue", "may Allaah fight you", "put my efforts and your efforts on the scale and we will see whose is more..." And that's just for Shaykh Rabee! What do you imagine for others? And then what about his vile language, "Piss on it", "Piss on it", "Piss on it" (repeated, because he frequently uses this dismissive phrase), even Imaam al-Shaafi'ee and his fiqh was not spared in this regard. Al-Hajuri says "an old woman's fart" about one of the Shaykhs of Madinah, and "may you perish, just as the two hands of Abu Lahab perished and perish he!" to another of those Shaykhs. And there is much more filth we won't repeat. So how can the like of this one be praised with such extremism and exaggeration.

So how can the Haddaadiyyah and Mumayyi'ah come together? Because it is for common goals and objectives. Each one simply takes a different route.

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