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The Praises of a Pre-Haddadi Yahya Al-Hajuri for His Teacher and Shaykh, Muhammad Bin Abd Al-Wahhaab Al-Wasabee
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in Articles

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Refer to the following three transcriptions (first, second and third) of some audios of al-Hajuri (mp3) (source):

In the above audio compilation we see that Yahya al-Hajuri described his teacher and shaykh (Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhaab al-Wasaabee) with the following, both defending and praising his Shaykh and teacher:

  • And we consider Shaykh Muhammad - may Allaah preserve him - from the (sincere) advisors, the abstemious, the patient, we consider him to be like that...

  • And Shaykh Muhammad would not speak about him except with evidence and knowledge...

  • And accusing Shaykh Muhammad, for he is and we praise Allaah, our Shaykh (Muqbil) says he is fit to be a muftee for the Republic...this is what he says about Shaykh Muhammad and he has praised him with beneficial speech on account of seven traits. He praised him for zuhd, he praise him for sabr (patience), he praised him for Sunnah and being relentness therein, he praised him for (knowledge of) hadeeth... is there one amongst you whom our Shaykh has given tazkiyah with the likes of these tazkiyahs? There is not one of you whom the Imaam has given tazkiyah with the likes of these tazkiyahs, for he is most knowledgeable of his students than you, and he did not say about him except what he knew, meaning of truthfulness and sincerity, and we consider him to be like that.

  • And Shaykh Muhammad is a firm mountain, everytime a tribulation he stands in front of it with evidence... every time a fitnah comes from the jam'iyyaat or hizbiyyaat he says, "No! the Book, the Sunnah, we do not desire other than the manhaj of the Salaf."

  • So I advise the people of Tihaamah that they gather around Shaykh Muhammad... be students of Shaykh Muhammad ... for he is a sincere advisor, a scholar, pious, righteous...

  • Ask Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhaabi, the Sunni, Salafi, the Mountain... I and you are from his students, from the students of Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhaab...

  • These foundations of yours will be overturned if you do not return back to the truthful, firm, advisory people of knowledge...

  • To proceed, this evening there has come to us this blessed night an esteemed, honourable guest, a blessed father who has a favour over the students of knowledge due to his teaching, giving direction, educating, advising, daa'wah, holding fast and being firm upon the truth, that lofty (respectable) Shaykh whose signs of age are visible on his head and beard and he has delved into the overflowing depths of the Salafi da'wah...

  • I am referring by this to the blessed father the one to whom I owe a favour in terms of (his) teaching the explanation of al-Tahaawiyyah and al-Risaalah of al-Shafi'ee and in (teaching) al-Daraaree al-Madiyyah and something of al-Faraa'id and what is like that, from what which I am not able to give thanks to him for that...

All the above changed when the teacher and Shaykh of Yahya al-Hajuri did not agree with al-Hajuri's oppressive tabdee' and tahzeeb of Shaykh Abd al-Rahman al-Adanee. So Shaykh Muhammad and the remaining Shaykhs of Yemen also became Hizbees and the tongue of al-Hajuri was unleashed against them all.

From vile speech of al-Hajuri against Shaykh Muhammad al-Wasaabee: A person of hypocritical actions... his speech arises from fujoor (sinfulness) and khubth (vileness) and hiqd (envy) for the da'wah... I call Allaah to witness that you are khubuthaa (vile, evil) and that you are considered enemies of this da'wah and that you are considered in opposition and at war with this da'wah may Allaah wage war against you from Himself... This incitation he (Shaykh Muhammad) has takean from Shaytaan as if he is from the students of Abdullah bin Salool, not as if he was the students of Shaykh Muqbil... And Shaykh Muhammad is treacherous to the da'wah...

Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhaab al-Wasaabee declared al-Hajuri, his student, a Mubtadi' (innovator) when al-Hajuri persisted on his falsehoods and after he had caused much splitting and harm for the da'wah in Yemen, and after his evil speech against many of the people of knowledge.

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