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Shaykh Muhammad Bin Haadee Defends Himself Against the Allegations of the Hajurites
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in Articles

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The Hajurites are characterized with a tendency to suddenly flip and turn in an instant when a Scholar amongst the Scholars whom they previously respected speaks against their leader, Yahya al-Hajuri. This is illustrated perfectly in what they did with respect to Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee. When the Shaykh became aware of al-Hajuri's revilement against the Scholars and the ghuluww shown towards him, the Shaykh described his a fool, idiot (safeeh). As soon as this spread, out came the Hajurites and they began to say that Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee called Shaykh Muqbil a Kharijite, a Juhaymanee. In the West, some of the Hajurites alluded to this as well:

These affairs were spread again recently in early 1435H (2014CE) when Shaykh Muhammad mentioned that al-Ma'ribee and al-Halabi met with Yahya al-Hajuri and then one of the Hajurites (Adnaan al-Masqariy) wrote a scathing attack upon Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee accusing him of being a liar, and in which he remonstrated (refer to this article):

ردود الشيخ يحيى على أبي الحسن وعلي حسن مشهورة منثورة فأين كتاباتك أيها الكذاب؟ بالأمس تتكلم على الشيخ مقبل أنه خارجي وتخرج ما تخفيه والآن تظهر حقدك الدفين على الناصح الأمين؟ لماذا هذا الحسد والعناد للحق ولماذا هذا التحامل على شيخ الدعوة السلفية في اليمن بالباطل لماذا؟ يا محمد بن هادي من الحصار الأول وأنت تتقلب ما تدري كيف ترمي الشيخ يحيى وكيف تتهمه. أنت تبعٌ لربيع إن تسامح مع الشيخ يحيى دخلت في السلم وإن تخاصما خاصمت ولو بباطل. أين التجرد من التقليد؟ ، اتق الله.

The refutations of Shaykh Yahyaa against Abu al-Hasan and Ali Hasan are well-known and spread, so where are your refutations (of them) O liar (kadhdhaab)? Only yesterday, you spoke against Shaykh Muqbil that he is a Kharijite and now you bring out what you were concealing of your hatred towards al-naasih, al-ameen (al-Hajuri)? Why all this jealousy and stubborn opposition to the truth and why this onslaught against the Shaykh of the Salafi da'wah in Yemen with this falsehood? O Muhammad Haadee, since the first siege (of Dammaaj) you were changing (turning), not knowing how you are going to accuse Yahyaa and how to suspect him. You just follow on from Rabee, if he is lenient with Shaykh Yahyaa you enter into peace (with him) and if they both dispute (with each other), you dispute (against Yahyaa), even if it is with falsehood. Where is your freedom from taqleed? fear Allaah

These allegations of taqleed (of Shaykh Rabee') and insinuations against Shaykh Rabee' were also echoed in the past by the Hajurites in the West (see this article):

Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee on al-Hajuri and the Hajurites

Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee had already spoken about these affairs the first time around, when he first described Yahya al-Hajuri as an "idiot", and the Hajurites began to attack him (saying he reviled Shaykh Muqbil), the Shaykh said, recorded and documented, (refer to this article):

It has reached me now, that on the Web, that Muhammad bin Haadee says, "Muqbil is Juhaymaanee - meaning Kharijee", may Allaah break open the mouths of the liars. By Allaah, if I wanted to say this speech, I am not a coward. Am I going to say it now when he has died? I would not say it except during his lifetime. He is a mortal and he would not afflict me with anything, so how about now, after he has died, if I wanted to say this speech! [In other words, if I wanted to say it, I would have said it]. This is the first (point). Secondly, when (electric) charging has taken place, then shock is close by, and then after it is burning. I know where this speech has come from, from the markaz of Dammaaj, and they said to me, but by Allaah, I have not seen it, that they have written many refutations against me, and that does not concern me. This is another thing. And a third thing which you must know is that perhaps you have heard from me, by Him besides whom there is none worthy of worship, and nor Lord besides Him, and I am Muhammad bin Haadee, you have known me for years, he has not ceased to be fresh in (his fragrance) and youthful in his age, he will know me from nearby, that I do not like talawwun (changing views often) and evasiveness. I was asked about Yahya al-Hajuri so I said about him what I said, then the speech was repeated, and was spread, and whatever took place took place, and every day a group would come to me or individuals (asking me), "Did you say?" I say,"Yes, record me (now), I said, by Allaah I am not fearful." But I want to break this (false principle), that "I must hear for myself (before believing)", what I mean here is that the reports of the trustworthy are acceptable (as opposed to this false principle), so you have seen, firstly.

Then I was asked after this in Jaazaan, so I said, "Yes, I said regarding al-Hajuri, that he is an idiotic man (rajul safeeh), and he does not have with him but idiocy (foolishness) revilement, abuse, and for what would one go to Dammaaj now to benefit from Yahyaa?! Except (to learn) revilement, foolishness and abuse." An I said, "He is like Faalih, rather (بل), even more severe..." and in some words, "... or even more severe" on some occasions "rather" and "or" (أو) so "or" here is with the meaning of "rather", just a the poet said, "They (the offspring) were eighty (in number), rather they increased by eight, I did not enumerate their number except with a counter." Meaning, they increased. Does this mean he did not know his children? No, so "or" is with the meaning of "rather", so the point here is that I said these four expressions (about al-Hajuri), and their evidences are with me, and I am not fearful of that. Then this speech that came, came afterwards and it does not harm me, so let him say whatever he wants, he and others (besides him), and foolishness it is not possible that I accompany it with (more) foolishness, it is sufficient that I just describe him (al-Hajuri) with it.

And his speech is heard, right now, in the markaz of Dammaaj there are poems recited about them, the Scholars of the Sunnah. They are reviling (them). Was this present in the time of Muqbil (rahimahullaah)? This statement, take it (from me now), I say: Was this (matter) present in the time of Muqbil a little while ago? How often have we repeated (this)? Al-Albaanee, Ibn Baaz, al-Albaanee, Ibn Baaz, Ibn Uthaymeen (without saying Shaykh), correct or not? They say, "Why do you not say 'Shaykh Muqbil'? There is something in your heart." We say: "Maalik said", "Abu Haneefah said", "Abu Bakr said", "Umar said" correct or not? No one said to us, why do you not say, "Shaykh Ahmad said", why do not say, "Imaam Ahmad said"?! No one understood this to be a belittlement from us except the Soofiyyah. When you say, "Abu Bakr said", they say why do you not say "Sayyidinaa Abu Bakr", why do you not say, "Sayyidinaa Umar", why do you not say "Sayyidinaa Hamzah" and so on. Subhaanallaah!! When the hearts are diseased they seek to win by any means seek to insist on arguing.

So then they went with this speech to them and they said what they said and added what they added, and spoke with what they spoke, and then Yahya al-Hajuri spoke, to the end of it all.

Now, my brothers, is the da'wah of Muqbil in Yemen (just) Yahya al-Hajuri? This is oppression, where are the rest of the callers?! Where are the rest of the students of Shaykh Muqbil? Where are they? This is wronging (the Shaykh) in reality. Muqbil does not have anything (to show) but Yahya al-Hajuri?! Subhaanallaah! Subhaanallaah al-Adheem! So they went and said "He reviles Shaykh Muqbil" because they wanted to raise the ignobility (vileness) of Yahya over Muhammad bin Haadee, because (as they claim) he reviles Muqbil first and foremost (as a foundation) and he did not revile Yahya except as a consequence. So I say to him: Knock the slumber, knock the slumber, knock the slumber, you (al-Hajuri) are not Muqbil and Ali Hasan is not al-Albaani. They are lofty (towering) peaks. So let them know that the likes of this is not spread, and whoever knows Muhammad bin Haadee, will know - if Allaah wills - his truthfulness, and that I do not fear except Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic.

This illustrates the way of the Haddaadiyyah. Everyone loses respect as soon as the truth is said about al-Hajuri, no one is safe, and we have seen this same thing repeated with Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee and other Shaykhs. When a person does not agree with the unjust tabdee' and tahzeeb of others by the Hajuri sect and its leader, and quotes the criticism against them, let alone make the criticism itself, then that person becomes a target, even if he was a lofty or respected scholar before that. And this is the ghuluww and hizbiyyah manifested by the Hajurite sect.

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