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  • A list of articles published on Manhaj.Com
  • Shaykh Rabee: Students of al-Hajuri are Extremists (sahab) - with example of ghuluww.
  • Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadee (sahab) - Do not study with al-Hajuri, why would you study with him? To learn idiocy? The extreme ghuluww in al-Hajuri. Al-Hajuri praises vile attacks upon Shaykh Rabee.
  • Shaykh Abdullah al-Bukhari (sahab) - A concise overview of the major calamities of al-Hajuri.
  • Lies of al-Hajuri (sahab) - thirteen calculated lies exposed.
  • Yahya al-Hajuri, the extremely dangerous muhaddith (sahab) - examples of his ignorance.
  • A lie of al-Hajuri against Shaykh Rabee exposed (sahab).
  • Shaykh Mustafa Mubrim: Why did the Scholars warn from al-Hajuri? (arabic audio)
  • Shaykh Mustafa Mubrim: Al-Hajuri's position towards the Companions? (arabic audio)
  • Some excellent benefits from the speech of Yahya al-Hajuri(!) (sahab).
  • Shaykh Khalid Abd al-Rahman's warning against Yahya al-Hajuri (sahab).
  • Compilation of sayings of 12 Saudi and Yemeni Shaykhs on al-Hajuri (sahab) (audio)
  • Shaykh Muhammad al-Wasabi's tabdee' of Yahya al-Hajuri (arabic)
  • Shaykh Muhammad al-Wasabi: The Hajaawirah are a contemporary innovated sect (arabic).


Latest Articles
Ahmad Nishwan Al-Maldivi - Hajurite Haddadi Extremist Turns Hardcore Takfiri Kharijite
The Adhaan of Uthmaan: Bayaan Talbees Al-Hajaawirah
Documentation of Al-Hajuri's Misguided and Erroneous View on the First Adhaan
More Connections Between Haddadi Hajurites and the Extremist Haddadis Such as Abdul-Hameed Al-Juhanee
The Evil Effects of Intoxicating Bid'ah Upon the Mind, Heart and Soul of Bigoted Hajurites
The Hajaawirah, the Extremist Haddaadis and the Terrorist Kharijites of ISIS
An Exposition of the Attempts of the Qutbiyyah, Takfiriyyah, Haddaadiyyah and Hajawirah to Ascribe Irjaa to Shaykh Rabee
Yahya Al-Haddadi: A Revilement Upon Hamza, the Chief of the Martyrs
Warning Against the Extremist Haddadi Hajurite Fanatic and Seeker of Fame: Abu Fujoor Abdul-Fatah Al-Somali Al-Kanadi
Yahya Al-Hajuri Praises the Raafidee Shi'ah Whilst Declaring Shaykhs of Sunnah to Be Enemies

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Shaykh Rabee in 1432H: Yahya Al-Hajuri Is a Fool and a Vile Haddadi
Yahya Al-Hajuri Praises the Raafidee Shi'ah Whilst Declaring Shaykhs of Sunnah to Be Enemies
Yahya Al-Hajuri Al-Haddadi Receives Abu Al-Hasan Al-Ma'ribi Al-Mumayyi' According to the Latter's Son
Shaykh of the Hajaawirah Yahya Al-Hajuri Rejected in Makkah After Seeking an Audience With Shaykh Rabee
Shaykh Rabee on Khalid Al-Gharbani 'A Lying Distorting Ikhwani Haddaadee Infiltrator' and Yahya Al-Hajuri 'A Haddadi'
The Hajaawirah, the Extremist Haddaadis and the Terrorist Kharijites of ISIS
Al-Albaani, Ibn Uthaymin and Al-Fawzaan Free Uthmaan From Bid'ah and Dalaalah: A Refutation of Yahya Al-Hajuri, Musa Millington, Abu Fujoor Abd Al-Fattaah Al-Kanadi (And Other Hajurites)
Why Is Shaykh Muqbil Excused and Yahya Al-Hajuri Al-Haddadi Is Not? The Answer
Lessons From the Fall and Sacking of Dammaaj at the Hands of Yahya Al-Hajuri: Shaykh Muhammad Bin Abdul-Wahhaab Al-Wasabee
Some of the Reasons Why I Recanted From the Manhaj of Shaykh Al-Hajuri

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