Yahya al-Hajuri

Shaykh Rabee in 1432H: Yahya Al-Hajuri Is a Fool and a Vile Haddadi
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Monday, September, 30 2013 and filed under Articles

Shaykh Rabee has played an instrumental role in defending the Sunnah from extremists such as the Qutbiyyah, then the Haddaadiyyah and whoever was affected by them, and one of the manifestations of the Hadaadiyyah today is in the person of Yahya al-Hajuri (and his followers). The Shaykh remained patient with him for 7 or so years and when it became clear that this man is not listening to advice and is a danger to Ahl al-Sunnah, he spoke about him. Yahya al-Hajuri has mistakes in tawhid, aqidah, evil statements and positions regarding the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), towards the Companions, towards the Caliph Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu), and towards the Scholars of Sunnah and Salafiyyah. His tongue is foul and evil and is known to lie and deceive. He and his statements have been refuted collectively by Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan, Shaykh Rabee', Shaykh Ahmad al-Najmee, Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree, Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee, Shaykh Ahmad Bazmul, Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhaab al-Wasibee, the remaining Shaykhs of Yemen (al-Hajuri is isolated) and many others.

In his 9 page article, Abu Waaqid Abdullah bin Salih al-Qahtani, exposes the vile tongue of Yahya al-Hajuri al-Haddadi, when he came to learn that Shaykh Rabee' had stated to a group of visitors (who had come from the tribal areas of Waadi'ah at the end of Rajab 1432H) about him (يحيى الحجوري سفيه و حدادي خبيث لا بارك الله فيه), "Yahya al-Hajuri is a fool and a vile Haddaadi, may Allaah not bless him." When this came to the attention of the Hajaawirah, they did not know how to respond and whereas previously they were very bold in attacking, by name, the other Mashaayikh, such as Shaykh Ubayd, Shaykh Muhammad and Shaykh Abdullah, this time they were a little more cowardly. Al-Hajuri gave a lecture on Wednesday 4th Sha'baan 1432H between Maghrib and Ishaa' and filled it with insults (but without being bold anymore and mentioning Shaykh Rabee's name). So from his veiled and cowardly insults were: "He developed the Haddaadiyyah sect and then accuses others with it", "affaak (liar)", "hinders people from guidance", "kadhdhaab (liar)", "he does not speak in defence of the Sunnah but out of following his desire and shaytaan", "clashes with the truth", "person of destructive calamities", "if he saw the people turning to Dammaaj it would shred his heart out of anger and rage", "the desires overwhelm and lead him", "he harms himself" and so on. Then his followers on the Oloom website distributed an audio called (مركز دماج أسس على التقوى من أول يوم فيما نحسب), and in which Yahya al-Hajuri is found making supplication against someone without mention of the name, "may Allaah cut your tongue", "may Allaah fight you" and within this same audio, al-Hajuri mentions certain things about the one to whom his rage is directed, and it is clear that he is intending Shaykh Rabee. Then a person by the name of Abu Hamzah Muhammad al-Suwaree put a post on their forum in which he stated:

So this individual states, "Our Shaykh, may Allaah preserve him, has refuted in this lesson, the one who reviles Dar al-Hadeeth Dammaaj, though he used to say it was a fortress of Islam and now he says it has Haddaadiyyah. And he (al-Hajuri) supplicated against him, (stated) that he is a kadhhaab (liar) and that he is not able to bring evidence for that (claim)." Then the administrators of Oloom when they saw that this idiot (al-Suwaree) had let it slip as to whom al-Hajuri was reviling and slandering, they quickly edited the post, but not before some brothers had captured the original post. So this was the edited post:

As you can see the second part of the statement has been removed. This indicated the fake bravery and courage that these people boast about that they are not scared to speak about anyone. On this occasion al-Hajuri was not so brave and nor were his fanatics on their forums. However, they have become more brave these days though they are using the innovated principles of Abu al-Hasan al-Ma'ribee to fight their war against Ahl al-Sunnah, "We do not do taqleed", and they mean by this to reject whatever has come from all of the Shaykhs, Shaykh al-Fawzaan, Shaykh Ahmad al-Najmee, Shaykh Rabee', Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabiree, Shaykh Muhammad, Shaykh Ahmad Bazmul, Shaykh Muhammad al-Wasaabee and all of the Shaykhs of Yemen, and despite the reality that they are the greatest of muqallidah, knowing full well they are not allowed to depart from the opinion of al-Hajuri, otherwise they face discipline or expulsion from Dammaaj.

The fanatical followers of al-Hajuri know full well that he has insulted Shaykh Rabee' with vile insults, yet they are not able to leave al-Hajuri because of the fanatical taqleed they have developed and because of the ghuluww (extremism) and hizbiyyah they have towards al-Hajuri and Dammaaj, turning it away from what Shaykh Muqbil was upon, for he had love, veneration and respect for other Scholars, whereas al-Hajuri has hatred, resentment and assaults against the scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah.