Yahya al-Hajuri

The Refutations of Shaykh Muhammad Bin Haadee Against Yahya Al-Hajuri Al-Haddadi
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Thursday, March, 27 2014 and filed under Articles

This is an audio compilation of all of the statements of Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhali against Yahya al-Hajuri and his students and followers:

(Part 1 MP3)

(Part 2 MP3)

Main contents:

  • Refutation of some of the doubts of the Hajurites.
  • Refutation of the one who applied the description of bid'ah to the action of Uthmaan bin Affaan (radiyallaahu anhu).
  • His remarks regarding the description of Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabiree as the " Sabt of the new hizbiyyah."
  • His remark regarding the ascription of hizbiyyah to Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabiree.
  • His statement about al-Hajuri, "He is an idiot, more severe than Faalih, he is not to be studied with."
  • Clarification of the lie of Muhammad al-Siwaree (a Hajurite) in the issue of elections.
  • Refutation of the slander and fabrication of al-Hajuri who claimed that Shaykh Muhammad described Shaykh Muqbil as a Juhaymaanee.
  • Defence of the Scholars of the Sunnah in Yemen and refutation of the transgression of Yahya al-Hajuri and Muhammad al-Siwaree against them.
  • His statement that "al-Hajuri's (affair) ended with Abu al-Hasan and Ali Hasan."
  • Shaykh Arafat al-Muhammadi's citing the agreement of Shaykh Muhammad bin Haaadee with the tabdee of al-Hajuri by Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahaab al-Wassaabee.