Yahya al-Hajuri

Yahya Al-Hajuri Praises the Raafidee Shi'ah Whilst Declaring Shaykhs of Sunnah to Be Enemies
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Friday, March, 28 2014 and filed under Articles

In his cassette (دفع الارتياب المنسوب إلينا من تقولات الشيخ محمد بن عبد الوهاب) the evil Yahya al-Hajuri brings vile insults against Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhaab al-Wasaabee, his former teacher, see here, for how he used to describe him. When Shaykh Muhammad - who is the most senior of the students of Shaykh Muqbil - did not tow al-Hajuri's line in making tabdee' and tahzeeb of others, and after many gatherings, sittings, resolutions etc. had transpired and al-Hajuri saw that Shaykh Muhammad is not supporting him in his evil tasarrufaat (dealings, behaviour), al-Hajuri launched an onslaught, and this cassette is one such example. However, what makes this truly evil is the way in which al-Hajuri speaks of Shaykh Muhammad in contrast to the Raafidee Shi'ah.

This is what he says after attacking Shaykh Muhammad in many different ways, saying that he is waging a war against the da'wah, is an enemy to it and so on, he says (from the 29th minute in the audio onwards) (mp3) (source):

واللهِ حتى الشيعة ، واللهِ حتى الشيعة يحبون الدعوة في دماج ويكرمونها ، واللهِ حتى شيعة أهل دماج ، وأنه لما حصلت فتنة ربما هناك أنَّ بعض الطلاب قُتِل بلغني أنَّ بعض الشيعة قال : والله ما أردنا هذا الطالب المسكين الذي جاء من بلاد بعيدة جاء يتعلم الدين

(I) swear by Allaah, even the Shi'ah, by Allaah until even the Shi'ah, they love the da'wah in Dammaaj. They honour it, by Allaah even the Shi'ah from the people of Dammaaj. And when the tribulation arose and perhaps there was a student who was killed, it reached me that some of the Shi'ah said, "By Allaah, we did not intend (to kill) this miskeen (pauper) student who came from a distant land, he came to learn the religion" ...

Look at this sick and twisted logic! The Shi'ah kill a student and a sign of their love and honoring the da'wah is that they say, "Oops! Sorry! We were not intending to kill this miskeen student who simply came to learn his religion, too bad he just got in the way, but we weren't intending to kill him" (??!!).

Meanwhile, al-Hajuri states about Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhaab al-Wasaabee: A person of hypocritical actions... his speech arises from fujoor (sinfulness) and khubth (vileness) and hiqd (envy) for the da'wah... I call Allaah to witness that you are khubuthaa (vile, evil) and that you are considered enemies of this da'wah and that you are considered in opposition and at war with this da'wah may Allaah wage war against you from Himself... This incitation he (Shaykh Muhammad) has taken from Shaytaan as if he is from the students of Abdullah bin Salool, not as if he was the students of Shaykh Muqbil... And Shaykh Muhammad is treacherous to the da'wah...

Allaahu Akbar! This evil Haddaadi describes the Shi'ah as "loving the (Salafi) da'wah" and he describes the Shaykhs of Yemen, at the head of them, his former teacher and Shaykh, Muhammad al-Wasaabee as enemies of the da'wah, waging war against the da'wah and so on! This man lost the plot and those around him and loyal to him unfortunately do not see it.

Contrary to what al-Hajuri the Liar has claimed, the Shi'ah of Dammaaj revile the Companions, they curse Mu'awiyah (radiyallaahu anhu), they revile the Mother of the Believers, Aa'ishah (radiyallaahu anhaa) openly, even their children sometimes throw stones at the Salafi students, and they aided the Houthi Raafidah in their war against the Yemeni government. And despite all this Yahya al-Hajuri says they love the (Salafi) da'wah and speaks of them in this way in the same breaths that he is reviling and abusing the most senior of the Shaykhs of the da'wah of Tawhid and Sunnah in Yemen! What evil scales of judgement!