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Ahmad Nishwan Al-Maldivi - Hajurite Haddadi Extremist Turns Hardcore Takfiri Kharijite
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Ahmad Nishwaan Maldivi : Hardcore takfiri Kharijite on the Ideological Bandwagon of ISIS

The following Facebook post was sent to us:

In this post this Haddadi, takfiri Khabeeth claims about Saudi Arabia:

  • that it is the state of disbelief and corruption (dawlat ul-kufr wal-fasaad).
  • that it excuses the commission of shirk
  • that it aids the disbelievers against the Muslims
  • calls to the tawheed of adyaan (meaning unity of religions)
  • that scholars such as Shaykh al-Fawzaan are upon the misguidance of the Murji'ah

For a rebuttal of some of these doubts refer to the PDF article above. These are very serious allegations and comprise clear explicit Takfir of the rulers and the scholars by implication.